Carol Fox, professional business coach
Carol Fox, professional business coach

My coaching is tailored to your specific needs; there really is a bespoke coaching programme for you, regardless of your career stage.

Career Springboard

  • Are you a graduate looking for career guidance?
  • Do you need to build interview confidence and hone Q&A techniques?
  • Are you trying to navigate a return to work, after a while away?
  • Maybe you've been in a role for a while and need to evolve your thinking towards a new role.
  • Simply need help perfecting your CV and personal pitch?
  • Have you recently faced redundancy and need to get back on your feet?

Moving On Up

  • Do you need confidence transitioning into a more senior role?
  • Do you want people to percieve you differently?
  • Are you facing a glass ceiling and need to break through it?
  • Are you managing people and need help keeping you and your people on track?
  • Are you struggling with senior peers in your organisation?
  • Or, are you grappling with those who are now junior to you?

Overcome Communication Hurdles

  • Do you need new techniques in order to deal with conflict?
  • Is there someone with whom you need to employ a fresh strategy to achieve goals?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of agression or frustration?
  • Need help with listening, or being listened to?
  • Does behaviour need to change, to achieve a better outcome?
  • Do you work part-time and need to manage on/off working relations better?

Team Coaching

  • Are you lacking collaboration as a team?
  • How much more effective could your team be?
  • Do you have a common, shared vision?
  • Do you understand each other's strengths and weaknesses?
  • Have you been tasked with bringing two teams together?
  • Let me help you keep your team in continuous "growth mode" all the time.

Helping Small Business Owners

  • Are you missing the support of a business partner?
  • Do you miss the framework and resource of a larger organisation and need new tricks to fill these gaps?
  • How clear is the vision for your company?
  • Are you ready to lead your business into its next stage of growth?

360 Feedback

  • Could you, or your team, benefit from 360 feedback?
  • Do you need to better insight to your strengths and weeaknesses?
  • Would you like a deeper understanding of how effectively you're working with your peers?
  • Do you want to implement 360 feedback, but need an impartial professional to manage a balanced outcome?
  • Are you concerned that 360 feedback could lead to negativity?

No matter your challenges, fears or ambitions, I will work with you to increase your confidence, build your skills and provide you with a sharper edge with which to carve a new path.

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