Carol Fox, professional business coach
Carol Fox, professional business coach

Feedback from business owners, established executives, young professionals, graduates, and trainees.

"Starting a new job at the same time as the whole country went into lockdown, from my living room, knocked me sideways. I lost my confidence, direction and sense of self. Carol's direct, assertive and invigorating coaching style quickly helped me find my feet again.

The 360 feedback she carried out, obtaining feedback from people I value, enabled me to recognise my strengths. Further sessions with Carol then showed me how to use them to my advantage. I'm now thriving in my new job, feel like I know myself better than ever and am able to consistently push myself outside my comfort zone to realise personal goals."


Amanda Jones, Planning Director at The Gate.

I’m running a business which works with schools, so the uncertainty of lockdown was a huge worry for me. This, coupled with taking on new staff and impending maternity leave, left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

Carol helped me break things down into small manageable steps and focus my energy and time on the things I could change. I looked forward to talking to Carol each week for lots of reasons - to help me unravel the multitude of jobs, to find some focus; often just to get my mojo back and realise that I was doing a good job.  I think as a company founder, sometimes you just need someone to point out what you’re getting done and the greatness that's happening around you - despite the long ‘to do’ list. Working with Carol couldn't have come at a better time and has been a big help for me this year. 


Kate Shelley, Founder of Tales Toolkit.

“If you want an experienced professional who takes time to understand the culture of your company and your individual requirements and then delivers brilliant results every time, look no further.  

Carol has been an enormous help for me and senior members of my team at Sky, CBSO, News Group and Active.  She is also great at running 360 Feedback appraisals which freshen up an organisation."


Mark Chippendale, MD at Active International.

Carol's key contribution to me personally has been on-going coaching that I continue to benefit from and enjoy. She is rigorous, professional, knowledgeable, insightful, supportive, discreet and, when it is called for, tough, in coaching me to maintain and improve my professional performance.

Carol helps me shrug off the minutiae of the daily grind of running a company and refocus on the bigger picture: the delivery of the corporate vision and strategy. I can't recommend her highly enough if you are looking for a professional coach at management level."


Kerry Glazer, Chief Executive at AAR Group

"Sometimes we all need impartial advice and a guiding hand and Carol is the ideal person to provide it. Always shrewd and sensible in her recommendations, you work together to define goals, timelines, and measures.

As a partnership-based business she also plays a vital role in keeping us honest with each other while helping our individual talents to flourish. Carol is one part of our advisory team that we'd never do without."


Tim; SME business owner and client for over 6 years.

"Carol has been an integral part of my professional and personal development over the past few years.  In that time, I have moved from being a freelance journalist to a partner in a copywriting firm; her support in helping me define my goals and make the right decisions has been valuable.

Running a growing business, there are times when it's hard to see the road ahead. But Carol's insight, honesty and no-nonsense approach have helped us to steer a straight path - and stay sane!  So, it's a bonus that her skill at balancing professionalism with a personal touch makes every meeting a genuine pleasure."


Emma; business entrepreneur and client for over 4 years.

"I have worked with Carol for many years and find her coaching invaluable.

She encourages me to work out my own solutions to work relationship challenges, and to approach each situation with positivity.  I am a better man-manager, more organised and motivated as a result of my long-term working relationship with Carol."


Beverley; SME business owner and client for over 5 years.

"Carol's insight and experience is invaluable - she is both challenging an supportive.

Carol gives an objective perspective on how I communicate and how I come across to people...first impressions are all important.  Working with Carol is reassuring and good fun; and oh, I got the job!"


Jane Millar, age 22; Operational Leadership Graduate, HSBC.

"I was low in confidence and growing evermore frustrated at the lack of direction in my job search. Carol was a very calming influence, helping me to put things in perspective and form a plan with some very useful and refreshing methods.

With her motivational and encouraging approach I stopped worrying about factors I could not control and set about my job search with renewed focus and self-belief." 


Alex Quinan, Graduate of Leeds University.

"It’s been really beneficial to look at things from a new perspective. I feel invigorated and I’ve gained some clarity about what I want to do with my career and future."


John Hosking, Graduate of Nottingham University.

"No nonsense, no fuss, no fear. Carol listens hard and works you harder to concede your strengths and claim back your purpose. She's a blessing."


Caroline, a client for over two years.

Coaching has helped me to be seen differently by others.

Carol helped me to recognise my strengths.

Working with Carol is reassuring and good fun!

I stopped worrying about factors I could not control.

I always come away feeling energised and focussed.

Our sessions result in clarity of thought and clear goals.

Carol helps me to focus on the bigger picture.

Carol is one part of our advisory team that we'd never do without.

Sometimes we all need impartial advice and a guiding hand.

I am a better man-manger as a result of working with Carol.

Her support in helping me define my goals and make decisions, has been invaluable.

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