Carol Fox, professional business coach
Carol Fox, professional business coach

What is coaching?

Coaching focuses on the future not the past and uses the resources and strengths within us to remove the obstacles that hold us back so we can propel forward towards success.


We are each capable of making changes in our lives, but sometimes they seem insurmountable. The secret to achieving positive change is to form a positive relationship with your coach – the best outcomes are achieved through collaboration! This is the heart of what coaching is.  

How coaching with Carol Fox works

First, we will meet for a coffee (no strings attached and on me!) and from this session I will make some recommendations, based on my assessment of your challenges and your desired outcome.  I promise that this will be a positive experience and you will immediately think more clearly about your challenges.


As we work together, I will support you totally as you strive to be better or make positive changes in your life.  My approach to this is not prescriptive and is tailored to you individually.


Our collaboration is an agreement about the work we will each put in to enable you to succeed; I expect you to deliver your part in this work. For example, I will set you some ‘homework’:  actions to be taken between coaching sessions, which will immediately help you take steps towards your goals.

How many sessions will I need?

This is something that I will make a recommendation about, after we meet for the first time.  It might be that you need as few as two sessions to get you on track, with a follow up session in six months’ time. Or, you may have a more complex goal that would benefit from six sessions or more, with a review of your progress at the end of every session.


Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions are all a possibility depending on your goals and the actions we commit to do between meetings.

How much will it cost?

This entirely depends on the complexity of your goals, so after our first informal coffee or call, I'll be able to provide you with a guide to costs.

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