How Coaching Works

Coaching is a totally results orientated approach to people development. Most of us have dreams we would like to realise, things we would like to change or do differently in our lives; We’re full of good intentions but are often too busy getting through the day to day and the changes we want to make can seem too huge and overwhelming.


We are all capable of making changes in our lives, the secret is to break things down into small steps and work with a supportive and encouraging coach to create the successful transformation we want to achieve.


Coaching focuses on the future not the past and uses the resources and strengths within us to propel us forward and remove the obstacles and blocks that hold us back.

How many sessions will I need?

My coaching is not prescriptive and is tailored to each individual's needs. I will make an assessment of your needs when we meet for a coffee (on me and without obligation) and make a recommendation.


You may just require 2 sessions to get you on track and a follow up session in 6 months time. You may have a more complex goal that would benefit from 6 sessions or more. We will review your progress at the end of every session.


I promise that you will feel more positive and motivated after our first meeting.

How frequently will we meet?

That depends, and again I will make a recommendation when we first meet.


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions are all a possibility depending on your goals and the actions committed to between our meetings


Would you like to work on your personal development?

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What have you got to lose?

Coaching can help you in every area of life.

Working and personal relationships

Overcomimg obstacles



Getting "unstuck"

Clarity of vision

Getting perspective

Planning ahead